Emissis Install Coolnomix Across Greenwich University Campus to Reduce Energy Consumption by 23%

 Greenwich University, after a successful pilot project, are installing 124 Coolnomix energy saving units across their air conditioning (AC) estate across 3 campus at Medway, Avery Hill & Bathway and at Greenwich. Coolnomix is a globally patented, innovative, retrofit, energy reduction device that reduces energy consumption and C02 emissions when installed on air conditioning and refrigeration equipment without affecting the performance or output of the AC units.

The units will reduce energy consumption by a forecast 23% saving the University over 315,000 kWh in electricity overspend. In addition, Coolnomix will save over 85 tonnes of C02 by reducing the emissions from each campus site. 

On average, each Coolnomix unit will reduce energy consumption by around 3kWh every day!

The technology is designed to payback within a period of 12 – 18 months and with an expected lifespan of 10 + years it will continue to deliver financial and carbon savings for the University for many years to come.

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