Tutum Health announce that they have acquired exclusive rights to distribute a revolutionary and must have energy saving device, COOLNOMIX®, into the NHS.

Energy prices have risen dramatically and are set to soar again in October, meanwhile companies are under extreme pressure to implement net zero initiatives. Tutum Health, alongside their partners NTH Solutions LLP (a subsidiary of North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust and Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust) proudly add sustainable solutions to their portfolio of eco-conscious products and services.

COOLNOMIX® is a British designed, globally patented energy reduction technology that is maintenance free and can be easily installed. It works to reduce up to an incredible 40% energy saving from refrigeration and air-conditioning systems without affecting the cooling performance and output.

Tutum Health have the exclusive distribution rights of COOLNOMIX® energy saving device into the NHS and are working alongside several NHS Trusts and in other healthcare environments to demonstrate its effectiveness in reducing costs and in eco benefits via pilot trials.

CEO of Tutum Health, Kevin Gray said:

“20% of the CO2 produced by a building is caused by air-conditioning and refrigeration. At Tutum we are committed to helping all businesses and governing bodies such as the NHS save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Sustainable energy solutions are one of the easiest ways we can achieve this on a mass scale, and with energy prices set to rise again in October, we are urging everyone to consider the benefits of Coolnomix.”

MD of Emissis UK, Shaun Nugent, commented:

“Coolnomix is delivering competitive energy savings across the NHS AC estate and in Kevin and his team at Tutum we have partnered with an organisation who understand the NHS and the supply process. We are excited about the results that Tutum are delivering for their NHS clients and are excited about supporting and working closely with them as we continue to improve and further develop our Coolnomix technology”

A recent pilot that took place at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust produced astounding energy savings results over a 28-day period on multiple air conditioning units.

  • 8103 kWh representing a reduction of 33% per year in energy consumption
  • 4051kg or 4.051 tonnes
  • Savings of over £2000 per year

The trial of COOLNOMIX is being offered to NHS trusts across the UK on a “try before you buy” basis for them to experience the savings first hand. Tutum Health are confident that the results will speak for themselves and has been labelled a “no brainer energy saver” by experts.

The distribution of COOLNOMIX® will help the NHS achieve its intentions of “Delivering a Net Zero NHS” whereby they have set ambitious yet realistic aims for the emissions they control directly to reach net zero by 2040, and to deliver at least 80% reduction by 2028 to 2032.

About Tutum Health

Tutum Health are a hygiene healthcare brand focused on improving environmental cleanliness and ultimately reducing healthcare-associated infections. To date they have delivered a range of services in the UK including educational training, eco-friendly cleaning products and advanced machinery that is both sustainable and helps to prevent infection from spreading. Their COOLNOMIX® distribution rights has enabled them to capitalise on environmental solutions that contribute towards a greater good for society and the future of our planet.

Their associated company Tutum Energy – is the powerhouse responsible for delivering energy saving solutions and renewable energy technology to customers on a global scale. Visit https://tutum.energy/ to learn more