Tutum Energy are delighted to announce they have acquired the exclusive distribution rights to a revolutionary and must have energy saving device, COOLNOMIX for Spain.

Energy prices have soared across the globe and with Spain’s inflation having surged to a 37-year high – naturally businesses are growing concerned about the cost of living.
Tutum Energy are offering a simple and easily accessible solution for businesses to reduce the energy usage on air-conditioning and refrigeration systems and are delighted to be launching in Spain.

COOLNOMIX is a British designed technology that is maintenance free and can be easily installed. It works to reduce up to an incredible 40% energy saving from cooling systems without affecting their performance or output.

COOLNOMIX has already secured some high-profile contracts with FM organisations that include Sodexo, Bouygues and Wates and companies like Lloyds Bank, TRG Group, Subway and Greggs who are committed to reducing their environmental impact and paving the way towards a greener planet.  Tutum Energy are quickly gaining a reputation for their innovative and sustainable approach to cooling and is set to play a key role in helping businesses, big and small achieve their sustainability goals.

CEO of Tutum Energy, Kevin Gray said:

“20% of the CO2 produced by a building is caused by air-conditioning and refrigeration. In Spain, with temperatures set to hit record highs this summer, the reliance on cooling systems will naturally increase which is why everyone should be looking for innovative solutions to be more energy efficient.

Saving money through energy saving technology is one of the easiest ways we can achieve this on a mass scale, and we are urging everyone to consider the benefits of COOLNOMIX.”

MD of Emissis Coolnomix, Shaun Nugent commented:

“We are delighted that Tutum Energy have the exclusive distribution rights for Coolnomix throughout Spain. We are excited about the direction that they are taking in Spain and the investment they have guaranteed to ensure the Spanish market enjoys the benefits of our globally patented energy reduction technology. In these times of high inflation and rising energy prices every kWh saved is so important from both a sustainable and financial standpoint”

A trial of COOLNOMIX is being offered to qualifying businesses on a “try before you buy” basis for them to experience the savings first hand, before signing up to a full roll out across their estate. Tutum Energy are confident that the results will speak for themselves and  COOLNOMIX has been labelled a “no brainer energy saver” by experts.

About Tutum Energy

Tutum Energy Limited and Tutum Energy SL form part of the Tutum Family. A powerhouse responsible for delivering energy saving solutions to customers on a global scale, Tutum has strong relationships with governing bodies such as NHS organisations and Trusts. Their mission is to help businesses big and small reach net zero initiatives, by employing sustainable know-how and advanced technology.