Coolnomix technology reduces energy consumption by 30% across The Restaurant Group PLC.

 TRG operate a diverse portfolio of popular brands, each with their unique and differentiated offering… all with great hospitality at their core. 

To improve the sustainability of their restaurant group TRG have invested in Coolnomix technology to reduce kWh consumption across their walk in refrigerators at their restaurants. 

Coolnomix is on average reducing kWh consumption by around 4kWh per day equating to an annual reduction in energy consumption of around 30% per annum. 

One Coolnomix AR – 01 refrigeration intelligent thermostat is saving TRG over 1460 kWh per annum and reducing CO2 by 730 kg. The investment in technology will payback comfortably within 2 years. As the price of electricity continues to rise investing in Coolnomix makes huge financial and sustainable sense. 

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