Sodexo Endorse Emissis Energy Saving Technology Coolnomix

Sodexo is a French food services and facilities management company headquartered in the Paris suburb of Issy-les-Moulineaux. Sodexo employ over 428,000 people and have a presence in 80 countries worldwide.
Sodexo are proud to foster a culture of environmental responsibility through protecting and enhancing the planet. Sodexo believe it is vital to increase energy awareness and to deploy best practice around energy efficiency. Sodexo are actively deploying and rolling out Emissis Coolnomix technology across their client base to reduce their clients energy consumption.
Frazer Russell, Global Energy Manager, commented:
“I am very impressed with the Coolnomix technology with its proven performance to deliver energy and cost saving across our clients air conditioning and refrigeration estates. Coolnomix has surpassed my expectations and we are actively endorsing it across our client base. Critically important to Sodexo, the Coolnomix technology does not affect either the operating performance or impact on the Manufacturers warranties whilst continuing to deliver valuable energy savings”

Shaun Nugent, MD of Emissis UK commented:
“We are delighted and extremely proud that an organisation as respected as Sodexo are actively endorsing Coolnomix across their worldwide client base. With rising energy prices and climate change affecting the environment we live in any energy saving technology is to be welcomed as we move towards net zero and a more sustainable planet’