Harvey & Brockless see significant energy-saving benefits after a successful Coolnomix pilot!

We take great pride in our commitment to combatting climate change at Emissis. This dedication is not only reflected in our ideals but also in our innovative, eco-friendly, and cost-saving technologies. Our new COOLNOMIX technology is a ground breaking retrofit energy optimisation system that offers significant opportunities for cost savings in cooling and refrigeration applications. It assists businesses in achieving substantial energy and carbon savings without compromising their cooling requirements.

While these benefits are truly ground breaking, at Emissis, we value certifying our technology with real-world results. In April 2023, when a trial COOLNOMIX pilot was implemented at a facility for producers and distributors of specialty foods Harvey & Brockless, the findings did not disappoint. We observed significant energy-saving benefits, further demonstrating the efficacy of COOLNOMIX.

Coolnomix units were installed and connected to three refrigeration units in the dispatch/distribution room and one in the dairy packing room. In order to measure the kWh consumption of these units, smart meters were connected to the external condenser of the refrigeration units.

Once the units were installed and activated, the Coolnomix technology reduced the daily energy consumption across these 4 units by 43%, in doing so, reducing the daily kWh consumption by 39.36 kWh across the pilot units. This saving is based on the average daily consumption of electricity with Coolnomix ON and Coolnomix OFF over the trial period of 4 weeks.

This trial highlights the evident savings Harvey & Brockless can make on an annual basis. As seen below after 1, 5, and 10 years.

  • Year 1 kWh (based on 39.36 kWh per day) = 718,266.35 kWh per year CO2 saving = 201,832.85 or 201.83 tonnes Financial savings = £215,479.91
  • After 5 years  kWh = potentially over 3.5 million kWh hours saved CO2 = 1,000+ tonnes saved Financial savings = potentially over £1,000,000+ saved
  • After 10 years kWh = potentially over 7.1 million kWh saved CO2 = 2,000+ tonnes saved Financial savings = potentially over £2,100,000+ saved

The pilot confirms how the COOLNOMIX technology is capable of guaranteeing cost-savings by reducing energy consumption. An investment in COOLNOMIX is an investment in a versatile system that operates in both heating and cooling modes and a multitude of benefits to the user, such as reduced carbon emissions, energy saving, and completely maintenance-free!

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